The Rules to Follow When Packing Breakables

The vast majority of people experience the nightmare of moving from one home or office to another and some even go through it more than once. But most don’t realise how nerve-racking this process could be until they experience it, especially if they can’t afford to pay for professional removalists in Perth to do the whole thing. And one of the most important aspects people must pay special attention to is the packing process. Packing is essential if you want to transport your belongings to another place in one piece. Most of us own numerous fragile items, and they are usually the most expensive ones. You have to know what you are doing in order to protect your breakables and ensure that they will reach their destination unscratched and in one piece. So here are the rules all professional Perth removal team follow to ensure the safety of breakables.


The Essentials

First and foremost, find an appropriate workspace to do the packing. You will most likely need plenty of space around you for these bulky boxes and all of your belongings. Having a table is also really helpful – you will avoid bending for long periods of time which could lead to discomfort and back problems. Next, wrap all of your fragile items in packing paper. Note that you won’t see experienced Perth removalists pack your items in normal newsprint for a good reason. The ink from such paper can ruin your chinaware, so using packing paper is really important. Next, you must place the breakables in boxes, but having the right boxes is essential. The best removalists in Perth use double or even triple-wall corrugulated boxes, so you should buy such as well. Also, always remember that heavier items should be placed on the bottom, while the most fragile ones go on the top of the box. Once you’ve placed your breakables in the boxes, fill every free space in them with more packing paper and label each and every box, designating the type of content and the upper side.


Hiring Professionals is Always Better

We all have breakable belongings, but we rarely realised how fragile they are until we actually have to pack and move them from one place to another. Although packing breakables can be a long and tedious process just placing them in boxes is not enough and could be disastrous. Hiring experienced Perth removalists can help you safely transport your belongings no matter how fragile they are, but if you are on a tight budget or simply want to get things done yourself and prefer the hands-on approach, then be sure to follow these tips carefully.

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