The Proper Way of Moving Glass

One of the most daunting tasks when moving to another house would be the storing and moving of your furniture, it gets even more complicated when your furniture comes with fragile glass. The last thing we want is glass everywhere and your furniture damaged and replacing glass can cost in the $1000’s. In order to prevent any glass damage occurring you need to execute an efficient and well thought out process of moving such glass, in most cases it is necessary to hire the service of a professional and an INSURED one.  Here some recommendations when moving glassware.


Safe Moving of Glass Materials by Perth Removalists

Whenever you are moving a piece of glass, there is always some probability of breaking it.  A slight miscalculation in your moving or packing and you can end up cleaning broken glass for hours.  By hiring the service of a professional removalist in Perth, they will be able to provide the right equipment and materials to safely remove and transport glass items and products.  Furthermore, they will also assign an expert and professional team to handle fragile item such as screens, windows, and mirrors.


Small Glassware for packing in strong boxes

Make sure you wrap all glass separately using newspaper, butchers paper or bubble wrap when packing glass into boxes. At the top and bottom of all boxes containing glass make sure it is well padded with one of the above materials ( with paper just lightly screw up and place and bottom and top of boxes for cushioning)



Chandeliers that are made up of fragile glass also require the same level of attention.  Luxurious chandeliers do not come cheap and should be carefully removed by an expert removalist.  We have plenty of experience in the delicate removing of large or small chandeliers.  There should never be any hindrance in the storing and relocating of the chandelier.  The removals of this piece of furniture must be precise and accurate.  The service that we provide is one of excellence and experience and we specialise in fragile and antique furniture.


Picture Frames and Mirrors

Picture frames and Mirrors have to be very carefully packed to prevent their glass and frames being damaged, again costing in the $1000’s to replace in some cases. It is best to leave packing of these items to Perth Removalists, If you hire one. They should carefully wrap your picture frames and mirrors with protective materials such as bubble wrap and cardboard and apply them very liberally, just in case they are dropped then they can survive the fall.


Over and Out

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