How to Pack a Furniture Removals Truck

How to Safely Pack a Perth Moving Truck

When moving home in Perth, damage to your home furnishings and other belongings is most likely to occur during removal of goods from properties, during transport, and during unpacking of removal trucks themselves. The good news, however, is that accidental damages can be completely avoided, simply by planning moves properly, hiring the right local moving experts, and always making sure to pack moving trucks themselves as safely as possible.


A Moving Truck is Not a Temporary Storage Area

At 2 Easy Removals in Perth, we can’t stress just how important it is to safely pack moving trucks prior to departure from a property. This is because, with almost every DIY move which we have been called to assist with at the last minute, we have found moving trucks on-site which are packed in much the same way that people might pack goods into a self-storage space.

Often, we find heavy pieces of furniture stood against truck sides minus moving blankets. In the middle of trucks, we then find stacks of disassembled furniture and boxes of delicate belongings.

The problem with this method of moving? As soon as a truck engine starts wardrobes, ornate dresser units, and precariously positioned home appliances, start rattling and vibrating against bare metal truck sides.

The result? Chipped, damaged, and sometimes even completely ruined pieces of furniture when trucks arrive at their destination.


How People Should be Packing their Removal Vehicle

Do you want your next Perth home move to go as smoothly as possible? If so, there are two ways of packing a truck which are guaranteed to offer your belongings the best possible level of protection during transit. Our preferred way of packing, for example, involves placing boxes in trucks first, before covering these with mattresses and creating a supportive surface for larger furnishings and white goods. At the same time, we always recommend using moving blankets to better protect all wood and appliance surfaces.

Alternatively, heavier items and furnishings can be loaded to vehicles first. In this event, however, people packing vehicles must make sure that any exposed furniture and appliance surfaces are adequately protected.


Never Underestimate the Manpower you will need when Moving

Are you about to finally set a moving date? If so, as well as packing moving vehicles as safely as possible, you should never underestimate just how much manpower you will need when moving. This being the case, always appreciate hiring professional movers such as ourselves as an investment rather than an added financial burden. Either this or always make sure to have as many friends and family on hand to be able to help you with your next move.

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