Heavy Item Removals – Tips For Protection

Moving different items from one place to another, especially the heavy ones may often turn out to be an extremely laborious task. With this reason, we often end up rushing it, thus putting ourselves in danger. As a matter of fact, according to one study, more than one-third of work absences are caused by incidents related to the manual handling of ones furniture. This is probably why, when it comes to your heavier items, it is safe to say that it’s best left in the hands of a trained professional with the appropriate utensils.


Risks Related to DIY Removals

One of the biggest risks with lifting tasks includes injuries such as putting your back out, pulling a muscle or even worse. Before you even start to lift any heavy item you must plan ahead. Consider the distance that you need to travel, the weight of the item and the possible obstacles. Also remember it’s not just yourself you are putting at danger, you could also damage your furniture. If you are to trip while moving heavy items, they will easily dent and scratch and could even land on to the mover. So please, if doing this yourself, take great care and go outside of your comfort zone in lifting furniture.


Accepting Your Limits

We all have our own limitations and strength levels. Obviously if you do weight training, then lifting furniture will be a lot safer due to it being less strenuous. Generally injuries happen when we over exert ourselves and use bad technique. We also have to realise then when lifting items across a room or up and downstairs, it involves a large amount of twisting and bending of the back. If your back isn’t accustomed to such movements then damage is almost inevitable. This can lead to permanent damage or damage that will cost $1000’s in physio and chiro, along with pain and a restriction in daily activities.


Why It’s Best To Leave It To The Pro’s

Professionals move all shapes and sizes of furniture with infinite layouts of properties. This in-turn creates a large amount of strength and stability in muscles to remain injury free and keep your furniture safe. A good removalist should also come equipped with moving utensils such as proper lifting straps, furniture dollies and trolley’s to move your items as safely as possible. Take a look at our Heavy Furniture Removals page for more information and leave your next move to an insured removals expert in Perth.


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