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Assembling and Disassembling Furniture: Can your Removal Company Help?


Finally, you did it. You’ve just placed a successful offer on the home of your dreams, and your head is already swimming with hundreds of new decorative and interior design ideas. There’s only one problem. Moving into a new home isn’t as simple as just starting everything afresh. You already have furniture and household effects. The question, in this case, is how easy (or difficult) is it going to be to disassemble and reassemble your existing furniture? Do I need Removalists in Perth to help me?


Knowing what to Dissasemble and what not To Disassemble


First things first. It’s important to understand what furniture you should disassemble and which pieces you shouldn’t. Antique or bespoke furniture pieces, for example, should rarely if ever be disassembled. This is because layers of varnish, decorative effects and inlays will often have been applied singularly in one go to finished pieces of furniture. In like regard, many antique and bespoke furniture pieces simply weren’t ever designed to be disassembled in the first place.


The good news is that any furniture you have which was originally delivered in flat pack kits ready for assembly can be disassembled. Think Ikea and any furniture which at some point you have painstakingly poured over instruction manuals trying to piece together in the first place.


Getting your Perth Removals Company to help with Disassembly


Of course, when we buy furniture and assemble pieces at home, we rarely keep instruction manuals for very long afterward. Worse, many people simply don’t feel comfortable dismantling and reassembling single pieces of furniture, not least several items all at once.


Thankfully, removals specialists such as ourselves are more than capable of dismantling and reassembling furniture. This being the case, if you don’t feel comfortable disassembling, packing, and later reassembling your home furniture, let the professionals help. In doing so, you will reduce the chance of inadvertently damaging your belongings. Even better, you will also significantly reducing the amount time you need to take out just to pack, organize, and reassemble items later. So it’t hard to see why choose us for your move.

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